"Tuning In" Virtual Concert Series

"Tuning In" will begin with one concert a month on the third Thursday, from September through May, and is free and open to anyone who wishes to watch. The live streams will be available on the Local 4 Music Fund website, our Facebook page, and our YouTube channel. The archived performances will also be available on all three platforms. Additionally, I am seeking to arrange for rebroadcasts of the performances on FM radio and public television to expand our reach to audience members without the technology or technological savvy to negotiate a live stream.  This series features small jazz and classical ensembles made up of regionally-based member musicians, the concerts will broadcast from local venues, including the Bop Stop and the Steinway Gallery, and professional engineers will produce the audio and video of the live streams. 


The funding for this series comes from grants from the Music Performance Trust Fund, the and private donations to the Local 4 Music Fund. Additional potential funding includes applications to Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, the Cyrus Eaton Foundation, and the Nord Foundation. In addition to our grant search, we will again engage in 'Giving Tuesday' taking place the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, December 1st, 2020.


We will release the roster for our 2020 performances on September 1st. You can find all the information on the website:, and on our Facebook page: Local 4 Music Fund @clevelandlocal4. 


The most meaningful way to support this series is to SHARE IT far and wide—the most successful performance in our April-June 2020 'Music Relief Fund Virtual Concert Series' accrued over 5.4K views. That's more than twice the capacity of a sold-out concert in Severance Hall. Let's try to beat that! Please follow the Local 4 Music Fund on Facebook and share the series and concert information with your friends and family. 


"Tuning In" Performances are 7 PM on the following dates:


September 17th, October 15th, November 19th, December 17th, January 14th, February 18th, March 18th, April 15th, and May 20th


Available on: 

Local 4 Music Fund Website:

Facebook: Local 4 Music Fund @clevelandlocal4

YouTube: Local 4 Music Fund Channel


'LIVE MUSIC BEST!' performances serve the Cleveland Metro area and inner and outer ring suburbs. These concerts are designed cooperatively by the Local 4 Music Fund and the individual municipality, community, or organization in which the programming takes place. This approach ensures maximum impact and relevance. 'LIVE MUSIC BEST!' strives to build relationships between local professional musicians and the communities in which they work and live.  All performances are free and open to the public.


Annual 'LIVE MUSIC BEST!' performances have included Waterloo Arts "Music For Miles", University Heights "Summer Music Series", Cleveland Heights "Cain Park Tuesday Music Series", "Cain Park Afternoon Music Series", "Cain Park Arts Festival", Old Brooklyn's "Riverside Cemetery Jazz Festival", Garfield Heights "Summer Music Series", and Lakewood's "Labor Day Festival".