Soundlab • 216

In 'Soundlab 216', the Music Fund seeks to continue supporting local musicians, artists, and venues by helping their ideas find a place and space to be nurtured, and to foster a sense of collaboration and cooperation between disciplines, venues, and nonprofits.

She Scores: A Celebration of Female Composers

In summer 2021 the Local 4 Music Fund launched an annual concert series highlighting historically underrepresented female-identifying (with a focus on regional) living composers. The concert series was presented by a diverse group of performers in three concerts June 25th-27th 2021, and is in collaboration with the Cleveland Composers Guild and supported by the Ohio Arts Council, the Music Performance Trust Fund, the Bascom Little Fund, and the Sweeney Group. 


When the Institute for Composer Diversity analyzed the 2019-20 seasons of 120 American orchestras, it found that just eight percent of all pieces performed were composed by women. of performances of works According to that 2019 study from the Institute for Composer Diversity, just sixteen percent of all pieces performed that year were by living composers.